Lisa Andersen

Lisa Andersen is a legend and the inspiration for the Roxy brand. Her feminine style and athleticism laid the foundation for modern women's surfing in the 1990's, and she's still carrying the torch forward as our worldwide ambassador.

Lisa has been in the limelight since 1986, when she racked up over 30 National Scholastic Surfing Association trophies in under a year. Soon after, Lisa learned how to adapt her explosive and progressive free surfing to the hyper competitive ASP World Tour, leading to the amazing four World Championship titles from 1994-1997.

In 1995, Lisa became the first woman to grace the cover of Surfer Magazine, which also named her one of the "25 Most Influential Surfers of all Time." Sports Illustrated also named her one of the "Top Female Athletes of the 20th Century."

Nowadays, Lisa continues to compete from time to time and remains an icon to everyone who surfs - male or female. She is revered as an inspiration and a pioneer who trail-blazed a path for today's generation of professional women surfers.

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